Woodford Plastics are Star Plastics UK distributor. Star Plastics offer a full range of polyethylene pipes and fittings, in both black and dark blue colour.

Our in-house pupping facility is capable of supplying pupped fittings in a large range of sizes anmd material types.

We are able to supply high pressure machined fittings.

A comprehensive range of pulled long radius bends is available

  • 90 deg bends
  • 45 deg bends
  • 22.5 deg bends
  • 11.5 deg bends
  • Concentric reducres
  • Eccentric reducers
  • Equal tees
  • Reducing tees
  • Stub flange assemblies
  • Slim flange assemblies
  • End caps
  • Puddle flanges
  • Anchor joints
  • Adapters
  • And others.