High Performance Corrosion Resistant Piping Systems in PTFE, PFA, PVDF, & PP.

With 25years experience and a production area extending to 4700 square meters, Baums state of the art lining facility can efficiently satisfy all types and sizes of contracts.

Woodford Plastics stocks a full range of fittings and liners so that next day or even same deliveries are available.

Products are available in to ANSI B16.5 dimensions and specifications and to DIN dimensions and specifications.

Pipe spools    90 deg elbows   60 deg elbows   45 deg elbows30 deg elbows
Lined spacersSolid spacers    Blind flanges     Equal tees       Reducing tees
CrossesInstrument teesReducing flangesConcentric reducersEccentric reducers
Bulls eye sight indicatorsBall check valvesAdapter flangesPTFE spiral tubingPTFE lined SS braided hoses
PTFE expansion bellowsAnti-static PTFE expansion bellowsPTFE lined stainless steel expansion bellowsPTFE vacuum expansion bellowsPTFE dip pipes & nozzle liners

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