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Wegener SV320 Sheet Butt Welder

Our plastic fabrications division have recently purchased a new Wegener sheet butt welding machine.to add to their already comprehensive range of plastic fabrication equipment and machinery.

Woodford Plastics choose to invest in the Wegener machine after considering other manufacturers due to the companies experience and the quality of their machines.

Wegener have been developing, designing, building and selling equipment and machinery to process thermoplastic materials since 1957.

The SV320 allows us to weld thermoplastic sheet materials from 3mm to 20mm thickness all controlled by the latest Computer aided control system.

The new butt welding machine further our capabilities in fabricating tanks and other large objects such as the Fire Engine body seen in the above photograph.

For more information regarding our plastic fabrication services please contact Craig Tattersall on 01706 85 33 22 or email him craig@woodfordplastics.co.uk