Woodford Plastics - Services


Pipeline Contracting

 Employing a fully trained team of Engineers, the latest equipment, and a fleet of tailored vehicles with GPS tracking, Woodford Plastics are able to successfully and ecconomically undertake the supply and installation of your underground utility services. From small installations to large new infrastructure.

Leak Detection

Our state of the art leak detection equipment constitutes a complete field based system on proven hydrogen-gas technology in addition to correlation techniques and devices.

We are capable of detecting leaks in underground pipework covered by a variety of materials such as; dirt, mud, gravel, snow, concrete, asphalt and various types of tiles and cobble-stone paving etc.

Plastic Fabrication

Using the latest Engineering Plastics, fabricatuion techniques and equipment Woodford Plastics are abole to offer a wide range of servioces from Proto-typing to production, large or small, low-tech or high-tech.

Industries that use our services range from the Nuclear & Aerospace industries, through Chemical and pharmaceutical, to waste and effluent.

CNC Machining

Providing high quality bespoke and batch run CNC machined plastic components to a wide range of industries.

Process Pipework

Full supply, installation, testing and repairs to process pipelines. Our fast response service ensures our clients experience the minimum of down time on their process plant.