Woodford Plastics - GRP Walkways & Structures

Composite structures, walkways, gratings, hand rail systems, platforms & ladders provide strong, light weight, long life & corrosion resistant solutions as an alternative to conventional steel gratings and structures.


GRP Gratings

The basis of the strength of GRP gratings are the endless woven glassfibres together with polyester or vinylester resin mix pressed together in a mould. This production method provides high strength in both directions, length amnd width.


GRP gratings are available in thickness ranging from 12mm to 51mm and several mesh sizes. Gratings can be gritted, made condustive or have a closed surface.

  • Corrosion resistant
  • Fire resistant
  • Light weight
  • Easy installation
  • Long life time
  • Maintenance free
  • Non conductive

GRP Handrail System, Platforms & Walkways

GRP handrail systems, platforms & walkways offer an ideal alternative to steel systems especially in corrosive, watery and chemical environments. Light weight makes for easy installation with the finished system virtually maintenance free.

  • Chemical Industry
  • Offshore
  • Marine
  • Oil & Gas
  • Power generation
  • Data Centres
  • Manufacturing

Safety Gates

Pre-assembled Polyurethane safety gate available in single and double bar options


The polyurethane will not corrode or degrade. There is nothing to wear out, replace, lubricate or paint. Should enough dust and dirt accumulate to reduce or impede the gate's closing action, a simple clearing procedure can be followed. Removal of the top cover plate (which secures the hinge pin in place) will allow cleaning the buildup from the pin and blade. The gate will perform year after year.