Woodford Plastics - History

Woodford Plastics was formed in 2003 by shareholders Craig Tattersall & Brian Whitehead. The partners who worked together previously for a number of years recognised that there was an opening in the market for a customer focused, reliable, competitive company which was able take on the smaller jobs that the larger companies shunned, and which their customers found difficulty in therefore finding suitable suppliers.

In 2003 a small unit in Heywood, Rochdale was rented and company began trading. A small team was soon built up and the premisis in Heywood filled up.

In 2005 the shareholdres purchased the premisis in Heywood

Later in 2005 the shareholdres purchased a 20,000 sq ft premisis in Whitworth, Rochdale. The purchase was made from Angian who had built a new purpose built factory on the other side of town.


Initially the Directors believed that they would need to 'mothball' half of the 20,000 sq ft of manufactring space until such time as the company grew and was able to use it.

In 2006 Woodford Plastics Machining Ltd was set up as a seperate entity. The new Machining company was Headed up by Paul Livingstone. The company rented premisis near Crewe and began trading.

Towards the 3rd quarter of 2006 it was clear that having the machining company operating from Crewe was not working as expected. It was decided to re-locate the machining company to Whitworth to utilise some of the 20,000 sq ft of premisis still not used. It was decided that at the same time the Woodford Plastics Machining Ltd' would be disolved and the assets and employees became employees and assets of Woodford Plastics Ltd.

SInce 2007 the machining division has gone from strength to strength, purchasing new equipment and employing new staff.

Woodford Plastic installed a large stockholding of pipe & fittings during 2007, which has a current day value of approximately £0.5 million. This stockholding made use of the remaining unused floor space at Whitworth.

As we speak presently, in the summer of 2012, Woodford Plastics employs 45 people and turns over in excess of £6.2 million.