Woodford Plastics - Financial

As the saying goes 'Pennies make Pounds'. We are strong believers that a robust financial precence allows the company, its employees, its suppliers, and its customers to thrive and prosper through both the good times and the not so good times.


We pride ourselves in the efficient Management of our finances. Strong financial management allows us to;

  • Pay our suppliers on time - Assisting our suppliers with their own cashflow
  • Secure large competitive lines of credit with our suppliers - Ensuring we obtain the most competitive rates for the highest quality products.
  • Develop healthy financial relationships - Banks and other financial institutions.
  • Help to protect our business from other business's down falls - Strong credit risk assessments.
  • Develop new products and services
  • Invest in new machinery and technologies
  • Maintain our vehicles, equipment & buildings
  • Ensure the financial well-being of its employees and their family's
  • Contribute to the local community and the general ecconomy

A credit risk assessment is carried out on all potential new customers at the point that they enquiry as to our products and services. A decission as to the credit worthyness of the customer is then arrived at after consultation and discussions.

A credit risk assessment is also carried out on existing customers on an annual basis. If neccessary the credit status of the customer may then be adjusted to suit their present day circumstances.