Woodford Plastics - Quality

Woodford Plastics does not operate a formally recognised QA system. Instead, Woodford Plastics uses its own in house QA system operated and controlled by a bespoke Data Base which enable close control of all aspects of trading.


Customer records are electronically added, edited and updated. All transactions including enquiries, orders etc are electronically stored against each customers details. Financial and employee information is also recorded including a direct link into Woodford Plastics financial software that provides upto minuite financial information as to the credit balance and credit status of the particular customer.


All supplier details that are stored on the data base have been vetted to ensure that they meet Woodford Plastics requirements. Purchase orders raised against suppliers are electronically stored within the suppliers information as well as being stored and linked directly to the customer and job that the purchase's were made for. This, alongside professional goods inwards and stock allocation systems ensures that we have full material tracebaility at all times.

Some of Woodford Plastics approved manufacturers;


Equipment & Vehicles

Maintenance of all equipment and company vehicles is kept on the data base. Service intervals, repairs, accidents, loss and other such information is electronically stored against each item. The system is able to flag up and prompt the need for servicing etc and thus provides us with a valuable tool in keeping our fleet of equipment and vehicle in a good standard of maintenance.

Workshop Fabrications

Before any job is processed to be worked on in the fabrication workshop they are firstly assessed by the workshop Manager, programmed into the planner, material availability and suitability checked and confirmed, and liasion with the customer made as to available delivery dates and specifications etc. When the client is happy with the workshops contract review a job card is issued to the shop floor, materials ordered, and workshop operatives given a briefing of the job in hand.

During fabrication the jobs are monitored by the workshop Manager to ensure program and quality are kept to. Each workshop operative records his time and any other comments on the job card. Upon completion the works are signed of and delivered to the customer. All records of the job are stored electronically on the data base against the customer making future retrieval of data relating to the works very simple.

Site Installations.

All site installations have the back up of a fully experienced comtracts office including Contracts Managres, Quantity Surveyors, Estimating & Purchasing proffesionals and Admin staff.

The details of all site installation projects are logged and stored on the data base from intiall enquiry, quotation, pre-qualification, pre-start and finally contract documentation.

Material purchase allocation of skilled labour and other aspects of the Contract review are performed with full involvement of the customer.

Site installation packs consisting of Method Statements, Risk Assessmenst, Drawings, Location & contact details and other relevant information are assembled and issued to the operatives allocated to start the works.

A pre-start on site meeting is arranged between the Contracts Management Department and the operatives wereby all aspects of the works to be undertaken are diascussed and any anomolies agreed.