Woodford Plastics - Environment

As a consientious employer Woodford Plastics sees that ever effort, however little, will eventually help with the preservation of the worlds environment.

Environmental awareness also enable the company to save money and helps to improve the conseption the company makes within its community.

Plastic offcuts

All plastic offcuts from all divisions of the company are stored in containers in Whitworth which when full are taken away by a plastics re-cycling company. This waste plastic is subsequently re-cycled and re-used for the manufacture of other products. Using plastics in this way saves the ground from being filled, saves cost, and this inherent property that plastics can be used many times over is taken advantage of.

Paper & Cardboard

All packing materials and other sources of waste paper and cardboard are stored in containers at our Whitworth site. When full, the waste paper and cardboard is taken away for re-cycling.


Any waste metals are stored in containers at Whitworth until full. The metal is then taken to a local metal re-cycling centre who will ultimately crush and sell the metals on to metal processors where it will be used again in a similar way that plastics are.

A video guide to plastic re-cycling symbols