Woodford Plastics - Plastic Fabrications  


Our extensive10,000 sq/ft fabrication workshop is equiped with the latest plastic welding & thermoforming equipment. From small hand held hot air welders, through hand held extrusion welders to large butt welding machines.

All fabrication operatives are fully trained plastic fabricators.

We are capable of producing bespoke fabrications to your drawings, proto-types, and production run items.

Tanks & vessels


Thermoplastic Tanks

Tanks and vessels fabricated from PP, PE, PVC, PVDF and other engineering plastics. Working alongside the plastic sheet manufacturers we can specify the most suitable type of plastic to use upon receipt of your process conditions.

Structure Wall Tanks

High strength rectangular or square tanks (Structural support not required) 80mm overall panel thickness made in PP suitable for; Process tanks, Etch Baths, Plating Tanks, Dip Tanks and others.

GRP Tanks

GRP & composite tanks & vessels uising corrosion resistant resins. We also offer GRP tanks with thermoplastic linings for aggresive chemical usage.

Lined steel tanks

For high performance, pressures, and aggresive chemicals Woodford Plastics offers fabricated steel tanks and vessels with a wide range of Fluoropolymer and Thermoplastic lining options such as; PFA, PTFE, FEP, PVDF, E-CTFE, PP, PE, PVC

Bespoke Fabrications

We can fabricate a wide range of bespoke items using high grade fluoropolymer and thermoplastic materials capable of working at elevated temperatures and providing a high degree of chemical resistance dependant upon your procces conditions


Some of the services and techniques that we offer;

  • Material Selection
  • Thermoforming
  • Bonding
  • Hot air welding
  • Butt welding
  • Extrusion welding

Examples of fabricated items;

  • Pressure vessels
  • Storage tanks
  • Pipes & fittings
  • Process columns
  • Scrubbing towers
  • Ducting
  • heat exchangers
  • Condensers and seperators
  • Vays and coating tanks
  • Dip pipes
  • Sparge pipes
  • Agitators and mixers
  • Thermowells
  • Flowmeters
  • Filters and strainers
  • Sight glass's
  • Tower and column internals - Distributors, bed limiters, hold down grids etc
  • Expansion bellows
  • Valves