Woodford Plastics - Pipeline Contracting

Installation of underground services in Polyethylene, Ductile Iron, Caron Steel, Pre-insulated plastic/steel, Barrier Pipe



  WATER MAINS. Woodford Plastics offer a wide range of materials for your underground water mains, including barrier pipework for installing potable water pipework in contaminated ground. We can supply your pipework, valves, bib taps and watering points, check valves and back flow prevention valves, water meters and other ancilliarry equipment

 GAS MAINS. Our fully qualified operatives provide our clients with a service second to non. We are able to istall, test and purge your gas main and offer a wide range of accessories such as; Building entry units, Meter pipework, Meter houses, Governers, valves, Live break-ins.

FIRE MAINS. Working closely with the site mechanical contractor and the fire engineering specialist, our experience will ensure that both parties needs are met in the most ecconomical and efficient manner. In addition to the pipework we are able to supply; Fire Hydrants Type 2 and Pillar type, Valves, Chambers, Chamber covers, Marker Posts. FM approved pipework is also available.

FUEL LINES. Duel contained pipework for conveyance of fuels and other potentially toxic fluids. An underground leak of fuel will have a disastorous effect to the soil and the environment. Using dual contained pipework with leak detection monitors is the only way to insure against this threat.

LTHW MAINS. Pre-insulated pipework for the conveyance of hot and cold water for heating and cooling services. The system incorporates long roll lengths thus minimising the number of joints. The pipework is flexible allowing its natural bend radius to be used in trenching. Single and twin pipe in pipe cross sections are available dependant upon the duty.


  • Leak Detection
  • Testing
  • Purging
  • Chlorination
  • Repairs
  • Maintenance
  • Live Tappings
  • Break-ins
  • Diversions
  • Civil Works
  • Emergency call outs

The complete package...

Health & Safety

Trained, certified and qualified employees including Operatives, Supervisors, Managers & Directors.

Competitive Pricing

Procurement, estimating and contracts departments working together to obtain the best market prices for the products that we purchase.

Quality Products

Warranty backed & fully certified, tested products from the leading UK and European manufacturers.

Experienced, Dedicated, Proffesional Team.

A fully trained and experienced Commercial Management team including qualified Financial Managers, Contract Managers, Quantity Surveyors, Procurement Professionals, Estimators and Sales Engineers.

Fully trained and qualified operatives

On-going training program ensuring all operatives are fully trained, certified and upto date.

Service and back-up

A no-nonsense approach tp pre-contract, mid-contract and post-contract issues. Capabilities to call upon a wide ranging network of suppliers, consultants and others to assist in almost any eventuality.

A Sound Healthy Business Partner

A strong, level, trading history. Financially extremely stable, with good cash flows, strong Financial Management and proven procedures and systems.

National Coverage

Fully flexible dedictaed site teams experienced in working away. Company systems and procedures to ensure the smooth running of all projetcs no matter which part of the country they are in

Emergency and out of office facillities

Initial contact to mobilising a solution to a satisfactory conclusion we are here to help.

Experience and referals

Experienced in working in a wide range of industries, including:- MOD, Airport, Education, Health Care, Custodial, Retail, Chemical, Nuclear, Warehousing, Distributions, and Data Centres. Referances and referals available.

Woodford Plastics No. 1 sub-contractor. We provide our clients with all of the above and more.

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